Required Profile Fields

In order to have an approved profile on IE Giving Hub, there are some key require fields that you need to complete.

Please note, after you register your organization for IE Giving Hub, the IECF team will set your profile to Pending. Once your profile is set to Pending, then you may start completing the fields listed below for your organization's profile.


  • Mission Statement
  • Organizational Overview
  • Statement of Need
  • First name, last name, email, and title of Leadership


  • Program Name
  • Program Goals
  • Program Activities
  • Results and Outcomes
  • Measurements and Results
  • Geographic Area Served


  • Operating Budget
  • Fiscal Year Start and End
  • 990 Forms for 2018, 2019, and 2020


  • Board Chair First Name, Last Name, Start Year, End Year
  • Percent of Board Members Who Make a Gift
  • Board Demographics (percentages)